City Porches, is starting to fill up our calendar for Spring 2024 with customized composite projects, such as rooftop decks and pergolas. working with a variety of composite brands and tier’s.

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No one willingly wants to get entangled in a legal mess, right? Of course, it’s tempting to get a porch for your property. But at the same time, it’s vital to do things the right way too. The question is, who to trust for this? This is where we step in.

We get it! It’s natural to be wary. How can you entrust us with such a huge responsibility if you don’t know a bit about our background? So without further ado, let’s get down to the introductions.

City Porches is headed by Zoe Kristen, who has managed more than 400 such projects to date. Her extensive experience in Chicago real estate coupled with her interior design background has enabled her to take the business to greater heights!

City Porches is more than just a standard porch business. We believe in doing things differently. And that’s because customer satisfaction and convenience matter to us!

A multi-story residential building entrance with a set of wooden stairs leading to a covered porch with decorative lighting. The porch features a detailed ornamental ceiling design, warm lighting, and a pair of dark wooden doors. A wrought iron fence encloses the front of the property.
A person in blue coveralls pressure washing a wooden deck, with a focus on the high-pressure water jet cleaning the wood's surface, showing a clear difference between the cleaned and untreated areas.

Customized designs

We realize how everyone has different expectations when it comes to their porches. Whether it’s the design or the materials used in constructions, people have their own requirements. And we take that into account, which is why we have a customized approach to every project we undertake.

One look at our portfolio will be enough to tell you that we don’t offer the same design to all our clients. Not only that, a yearly maintenance program is a part of our services too. For us, every client is a priority, and we strive hard to deliver perfection.

We work with many composite brands, which ensures that our inventory for our projects never runs out of desired materials. Of course, we value quality which is why we only work with the top brands like Fortress, Fiberon, TimberTek, UltraTech, and Trex. Be assured you are in safe hands!

If there’s one thing you should know about us, it’s that we value your convenience. This is primarily why our designs will never get you in trouble. With us on board, you can be assured you wouldn’t be crossing any limitations set by Chicago law.

Want to ensure you get a well-designed porch with minimal hassles? Do you have a particular design in mind for your deck but can’t figure out how to transform it into reality? Leave it all to us! Reach out to us for a free estimate and get your dream porch in no time!

A classic brick house entrance with a striking red door framed by white architectural details. White stairs with handrails lead up to the door, flanked by lush greenery and a small wrought iron fence. A blue sale sign is visible to one side on the ground.
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