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Plywood-it manufactured wood product that is prized of multiple wood veneers that will together under high pressure. Plywood is available in 4 x 8 sheets, and a number of thicknesses and make many different species of wood.

Porch-an open structure that is typically located at the rear of a building that forms a part of the means of egress from the building. Porches are typically of different construction from the principal portion of the building and are separated from the building by a fire rated wall porches include tax, stairs and landings but not all of the deck areas are necessarily a part of the means of egress path. It porch may or may not include a roof.

Pressure-treated lumber ( see wolmanized lumber) -is commonly known as treated lumber or wolmanized lumber. In general, the treatment process involves filling the cells of the word with chemical compounds that are toxic to micro organisms and insects and significantly reduces deterioration of the wood in-use. There are several varieties of chemical treatment available, which are described in more detail in the material section.