Easy Permit Program

Easy permits.

The Easy Permit Program provides a streamlined permitting process for small, simple home and building improvement projects. It enables home and building owners to obtain a permit to repair or replace existing features of a building or make minor modifications without having to provide architectural plans. Furthermore, you can use the Easy Permit Process for the following project types:

Inside the Building

  • Drywall Replacement (greater than 1,000 square feet)
  • For Exterior Doors*
  • Fire Damage (buildings with 24% damage or less, require demolition inspection approval and a separate electrical permit)
  • Furnaces (replacement of existing gas-fired only in all commerical buildings and residential buildings with 4 or more dwelling units)*
  • Existing Plumbing Fixture Replacement
  • When it comes toElectrical Work (requires an electrical contractor)**
  • Counter Top and Cabinet Replacement (required for condos only)

A welcoming front entry with wicker furniture, a ceiling fan, floral wreath on the door, and an American flag.

Outside the Building

  • Doors/Window Replacement (4 dwelling units or more, if same size, same location)*
  • Additionally Fences (non-masonry fences greater than 5 ft. in height or masonry walls of any height)*
  • Sheds greater than 150 square feet
  • Detached frame garages, up to 600 square feet in area, without rooftop deck*
  • Trash enclosure (wood only)
  • Porch repair (if a violation report says permit for repairs only)
  • In addition, Masonry work (mason contractor required)
  • Tuckpointing (mason contractor required, masonry cleaning and grinding require a pollution prevention permit from CDPH)
  • Roofs (If adding a layer, a general contractor or primary owner can perform the work)*
  • Roofs (If total tear-off, must employ Illinois-licensed roofing contractor)
  • Lintel repairs (6′-0” opening maximum, mason contractor required)
  • Scaffolding (an easy permit can be received the same day if the work over the public way has been approved by the Chicago Department of Transportation)

 * For this project type in an all-residential building, the easy permit may be obtained online.

**Only licensed electrical contractors may obtain electrical permits online.

How It Works

  • Available at our City Hall office, Room 900
  • Firstly, Before your visit, download an application form, then submit the application at one of our offices, plus any additional documentation (must have PIN #).
  • Moreover, Some permits can be obtained online – apply for an Easy Permit, pay for it and print it out.
  • Additionally, Before submitting the Easy Permit Process application, please note the application must be signed by the owner. If the owner does not sign the application, the application is automatically rejected.
  • Furthermore, Provide a copy of a contract signed by the owner and contractor describing the scope of work. Provide a signed letter of intent for general contractors, plumbing contractors as applicable.
  • Lastly, For more detailed information, please reference the Easy Permit Process Flowchart.

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