City Porches specializes in Chicago’s porch building, in HOA’s, Condo’s and apartment buildings and chicago building code violation fines.

Chicago porch violations
HOA Condo building that previously had porch violations in Chicago


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Chicago Porch Deck Violation Expert.

In City porches, are expert’s in chicago porch deck and code violation dealing with the demolition and rebuilding of front and back porches and decks that have building code violation. Basically Chicago’s building department are the enforcers of the building codes, and they have their job to do to insure that the citizens are safe. Furthermore when a building is targeted with a potential problems with building violations, such as porch compliance issues it can be very confusing. Specifically when the pressure is mounting from chicago’s city inspectors give City Porches inc a call. Porch safety structural engineer for a free building inspection.

On the positive side by calling City Porches inc, we can build your front and back porch system up to legal standards. Chicago’s codes can be daunting for property owners. 

Always up to date with the procedures of the enforcement of violations. Also, we can call the Inspection department and work with the city to assure that we can build one of the safest porches in the country. Therefore complying with the codes on front and rear Porches’s, decks can sometimes be very simple or also it may require a full rebuild with architect plans and Permits. Equally important City porches Inc is a licensed general contractor with the City of Chicago.

Chicago Porch deck Violation City Porches Uses Architects Licensed With Chicago

Our company is prepared to take your Chicago porch violation to the full process of rebuilding your porch or deck. City Porches has built over 400 porches in Chicagoland area. Porches in the eyes of the City of Chicago is a very important issue. It is where people congregate during the summer, also the most used area to enter and leave the apartments. There are many parts to a porch and deck system that are used to create a safe deck system.

When building a porch or deck, it’s essential to ensure that all the structural elements are in good shape. From the joists and beams to columns, stairs and the hand/guard rails. The porch code states it must support 100 pounds per square foot live loading as mandated by local ordinances. Example to make sure your project is safe under any conditions expect for those ledger boards secure with strategic connections on solid footing. We only use duly authorized structural engineers or architects.

Did You Get A Violation?

Have you been issued a citation for your Chicago front and back porch violations , or are experiencing any of the following issues? 

Loose railings and stairs, nails popping out, all can present serious risks to those walking on it. If this is sounding familiar give us a call today! Don’t leave yourself exposed to danger; get ahead of these problems before they become too severe.

Chicago Porch and Deck Builders City Porches specializes in Chicago porch compliancefor HOAs, Condos and apartments. City Porch are experts in Illinois porch violations dealing with demolition and repair of porches and decks with violations. The Chicago Buildings Department enforces the code and has an obligation to protect their citizens. In addition the potential problems associated with porch safety issues are often very confusing. When Chicago City Inspectors have been pushing CityPorches Inc, they can contact them for help.

We are confident we are a great fit for many chicago homeowners. Also handle multi-story buildings with multiple residents, Apartments, 2-flats and 3-flats. All the typical Chicago homes. It won’t matter if your porch is 100 years old, or build 10 years ago. Whether it’s wood, metal or concrete, can demolish or repair the old, and rebuild the new. Check out our before and after gallery to see some recent projects.

City Porches specializes in Chicago porch compliance for HOAs.

Condos and apartments. City Porches inc are experts in Illinois porch violations dealing with demolition and repair of porches and decks with violations.

 When Chicago City Inspectors have been pushing City Porches Inc, they can contact us for help.

Please give us a call at 773-231-8400 for your free quote. Thank you.

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Do you need a permit for porch repair in Chicago?

To repair or replace structural components of a front and back porch , such as foundations, piers, beams, joists or stringers, you need to obtain a building permit. This type of building permit requires you to provide an application that includes plans prepared by an architect or structural engineer licensed in the state of Illinois.

How much does a porch cost in Chicago?

Updating an older porch to meet the current Chicago building code can be expensive, with costs ranging from over \$15,000 for a smaller 2 or 3 flat to more than \$30,000 for larger buildings with multiple porch systems, like as 6 flats or more. That information was last updated on January 19,

How do I report a Chicago Porch deck Violation?

To report a building violation, the initial step is to contact 311 or go to the appropriate website. When reporting online, choose “building violation” as the service type. On the other hand, if you call, an agent will direct you to the building department.

Do I need a permit to build a deck in Illinois?

Constructing an elevated or multi story porch desing deck structure requires a permit, as does replacing any structural or safety features such as beams and joists, stairs, or railings on an existing deck. Basic electrical work for lighting or receptacles may be included in a deck permit.

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