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If you’re a porch constructor, whether it’s your first time embarking on the process or you’ve been doing this job for years, chances are good that CityPorches can help you achieve your goals with ease. From repairs to violations and even brand new construction projects, CityPorches takes the hassle out of the job by offering top-quality skill and expertise in managing projects. Our team of passionate professionals is dedicated to bringing our customers excellent service while wearing many different hats – from designers all the way up to engineers! We believe that everyone should be able to make their dream porch come true, and we’ll work hard with you every step of the way until completion! Let us show you how CityPorches can make life easier for patio constructors like yourself.

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Have a Safe and Stunning Porch with CityPorches Inc.

Your porch is the first impression of your home and can be a great place to enjoy the beautiful scenery around you. Whether you’re planning on constructing a new porch, repairing an existing one, or have a violation issue from your city, it’s essential to hire experts who can handle all matters related to porches. The company, CityPorches Inc., is one such company that specializes in porch construction, repairs, and violation resolution. Let’s delve deeper into the services they offer and why you should choose them.

Porch Construction

Are you planning on building a porch on your home, or maybe your home has a pre-existing porch that needs to be updated? CityPorches Inc. can help. They are experienced, skilled craftsmen who use high-quality materials to ensure that the porch stands the test of time. Additionally, they understand the various permits and paperwork required for porch construction, ensuring that your porch is built per the local authorities’ standards. They also have a fantastic design team that can help create custom designs that suit your style and home.

Porch Repairs

For many homeowners, porches serve as a vital gathering spot. However, due to continuous exposure to weather elements, the porch can start to decay and cause safety hazards. CityPorches Inc. can come to your aid, repair any broken sections, replace any rotting wood, and ensure that your porch is restored to its original safe and stunning state. They offer repair services such as stair replacement or repair, decking replacement or repair, porch railing replacement or repair, and framing repair services. Their team values perfection, and you can rest assured that the porch repair work they provide is of superior quality.

Porch Violation

Did you know that it’s illegal to operate an unsafe porch? If you received a notice of violation from your city for your porch, CityPorches can help you resolve it. They will visit your property, analyze the situation, and provide remediation services that usually involve porch repair or replacement. They take care of all the permit applications necessary for the violation resolution, making it a hassle-free experience for you.

Safety and Compliance

Often, porch construction and repairs overlook essential safety features like fire safety, handrail safety, drainage, and lighting. However, CityPorches Inc. is committed to constructing safe porches that meet regulatory standards and are compliant with building codes. CityPorches is a certified company, licensed, and insured. This means that your porch project is insured and covered under municipal licenses, ensuring that the building process is conducted without any legal issues.

Customer Service

One of the things that differentiate CityPorches Inc. from its competitors is its exceptional customer service. They offer a personalized touch to every project they undertake and strive to exceed their clients’ expectations. You’ll receive regular communication updates from the team, and they’re always available to address any concerns or questions you may have. Reviews left by satisfied customers attest to their professionalism, commitment, and excellence.


In summary, CityPorches Inc. is a reliable and reputable porch construction, repair and violation resolution company that puts quality and customer satisfaction at the forefront of their business. Should you require a new porch or need repair services, reach out to them, and expect to receive superior quality services. Remember, your porch is a reflection of your home, and it should be a safe and pleasant place for you and your loved ones to enjoy.