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Our transparent covers take your patio time from fair weather to all weather. The multiwall polycarbonate kits block hail, rain, and harmful UV rays while still allowing in natural light. You get to enjoy temperatures up to 15 degrees cooler and your stuff is protected from the elements.

Hercules/Apollo System

When protection matters, our leak proof Hercules system is here to block UV rays, heat, hail, and anything else nature throws at it.


Multiwall Polycarbonate is rapidly becoming the most popular choice for commercial growers and serious hobbyists.

Install Instructions

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Experienced teams and
top notch material


Your project manager will guide you through every step.


Go from estimate to finished pergola in four weeks.


We recognize your time and home are important.

Build Your Pergola

Do you need a pergola built? We can help with that, too! Our customers get a dedicated project manager to guide them through the entire process. We start with a free on-site estimate where you can pick your stain, edge style, and post size.  After that, sit back and get ready to enjoy your new patio in less than four weeks. Click the button below to request a quote or to learn more about our custom pergola build services. 

Pergola Specialists.

We build pergolas and cover them. It’s that simple. We stick to what we do well, so we can provide the most stress free pergola build. Your job is to pick a stain, pick a style, and sit back while your project manager handles the rest. Don’t settle for bad contractors, shoddy work, and extended delays. You tell us what you want. We build it. Easy.