Decks can be the perfect addition to any porch, transforming an unused space into a beautiful, functional area. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to revamp your porch with decking, then look no further. City Porches Inc has compiled 10 creative ways to revamp your porch with composite decking.


1. Add Colorful Railings – Using colorful railings helps add a splash of color to your porch and can create a real statement piece. Choose the right colors that will match the rest of the décor in your outdoor space and make sure you use durable materials for long-term use.

2. Create A Seating Area – Creating a seating area is an easy way to maximize the functionality of your deck and create an inviting space for outdoor entertaining. Use comfortable and durable outdoor furniture pieces like wicker chairs or wooden benches so they can withstand rain and windy weather conditions. Make sure you also choose colors that complement each other as well as the deck itself!



3. Install Lights – Installing lights on your porch is one of the best ways to bring light into your outdoor living space and create an inviting atmosphere in the evenings. Whether you opt for electric string lights, paper lanterns, or solar powered lights, adding lights is always a great way to go!

4. Get Creative With Planters – Adding planters to decks can be a great way to add life and color into any outdoor space while still keeping things stylishly functional. You can find plenty of interesting planter designs online or at home improvement stores that will help you spruce up your porch with ease!

5. Build A Privacy Screen – Building a privacy screen on your deck is an excellent option if you want some extra privacy when enjoying time outdoors or hosting guests on your porch. Privacy screens are typically constructed from wood or metal posts and panels, giving them both style and function! 

6. Paint The Deck Floor – Painting the floor of your deck is another creative way to give it new life without having too much work involved in installation process! You can choose from dozens of different colors depending on what looks best in your outdoor living space – just remember that some types of paint may require more maintenance than others so make sure you check out all available options before making any final decisions! 

7. Update The Stair Railing – Updating stair railings is another great way to breathe new life into any outdoor living space while providing extra safety measures too! Make sure you choose durable materials like metal or vinyl which are both weather-resistant and look good too – these types of railing systems will ensure that everyone stays safe while walking up/down stairs leading onto decks as well as looking stylish at all times! 

 8. Add An Outdoor Kitchen – An outdoor kitchen is one of the most popular additions to porches because it allows people to enjoy cooking outside without having worry about dealing with hot temperatures inside their homes during summer months (or even winter!). Plus, it adds value to any home by increasing its resale potential so consider building one if possible – there are plenty of ideas online from which you can get inspiration from before starting construction process! 

9 . Install A Pergola – Installing pergolas onto decks adds extra shade during hot summer days as well as creating additional aesthetic appeal for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors year round (especially during colder months). Not only do they provide protection from sun but they also act as support structures for climbing plants so make sure you choose one made out strong material like cedar wood which won’t rot easily over time either!  

 10 . Use Composite Decking Material – Finally, using composite decking material instead traditional wood planks means less maintenance in terms of staining/sealing over time but still achieving same results aesthetically speaking – plus it comes in many different colors/styles so there’s always something available regardless budget size/personal preference when choosing right type composite material for decks around porches!