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City Porches Inc. specializes in new builds of commercial and residential porch systems in Chicago 


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The first thing we manage and change is a set of architectural plans. It takes frequent annual maintenance to maintain the new porch construction safe. With the help of the City Porch wood wash service, your new porch will last longer. Each porch maintenance technique is recorded and kept on file. To effectively build the defense of your porch, contact or come to City Porch immediately soon. You won’t find anyone in the Chicago porch building market that can offer you such priceless services of new porch construction in Chicago.

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How big can my porch be?

The porch size you should build depends on a number of factors, including the size of your property and your local zoning laws. City Porches can help you figure out what porch size is allowed in your area. We also offer porch-building services to ensure that the porch meets all necessary city regulations and restrictions

What type of railing is allowed on my porch?

The porch railing that can be installed on your porch will depend on the building codes set by your city or county. In most cases, porch railings must meet standards for height and strength. If you are unsure of what type of railing to install, it is recommended that you consult a CityPorche.com for guidance.

How many stairs can my porch have?

When it comes to porch stairs, the number of stairs will depend on the city or municipality in which you live. Every city and municipality has their own regulations and guidelines when it comes to residential porch stair construction. It is always best to check with your local city porch builder before beginning any porch construction project.

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