Do you price match other porch companies’ bids?

We are competitive with our pricing, if you received an estimate lower than ours, and within the past 30 days – send it over and will see if we can price match or beat our competitor. For green treated porches and decks only


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Do you provide financing?

City Porches does not, but we work with other companies we can recommend to help you out with financing.

What is the standard payment schedule for projects?

Payment Schedule for Composite Projects – 40% due at signing, 40% due 2 days prior to start day, 20% will be due after completion/pass inspections. At time of signing we need to order composite and pay ahead for that full order. Composite projects are not valid for any refund once materials have already been ordered.

Payment Schedule for Green Treated Only Projects – 20% due at signing, 70% due 2 days prior to start day, 10% will be due after completion/pass inspections. Larger builds, custom payment schedules will be made.

Do you provide a warranty once built?

City Porches provides a 1 year limited labor warranty. Wood splits/cracks/twists/bows/peels, etc, that is normal and standard no warranty of any type is provided for wood also hardware will loosen up which will need to be tightened and that is normal and no warranty is provided for that.

Specialty brand name material – such as Fiberon, TimberTech, Fortress, AFCO, etc.. the owner is required to submit an invoice directly to the brand to warrant materials.

Does City Porches provide an ongoing maintenance program?

All porches/decks/railings/balconies/stairs/etc require maintenance on a regular basis. City Porches does have a yearly maintenance program that is designed for your project. Contact us directly for details!

What type of wood do you use?

All lumber will be pressure treated (southern yellow pine) all lumber is arsenic free.

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