City Porches provides all kind of deck and porch repair in Chicago. When your home is built, particularly if it has a basement, or a crawlspace, the material placed under the concrete porch is not compacted properly.  Over time, the backfill soil settles, which reduces support of the porch.  Some porches sit on top of special walls so they don’t settle. In this case, voids form under the porch, but it doesn’t necessarily sink.  If the voids are large and extensive enough, they can cause the concrete porch to start to settle. Settlement is the most common reasons homeowners and property managers require porch repair. 

We perform three different process, slab jacking, foam jacking, and piering, for porch repair.  All three processes work to lift settled porch concrete back to its original position.  Mud jacking works to raise settled porch concrete by injecting sand-based grout under the concrete.  Foam jacking raises and supports settled concrete porches by injecting high density polyurethane foam under the concrete.  Piering is rarely needed, but uses steel piers either pushed or screwed into the ground, and mechanical jacks to lift the porch back into place.

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