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Zoe Kristen acquired City Porches over 2 years ago. To date, she has successfully managed over 400 Porch projects and counting!

With extensive expertise in Chicago Real Estate and an Interior Design background, she saw the potential in City Porches and knew it could be more than just a standard porch company. She brings a more customized approach to each project to meet your specific needs.

City Porches one of the best porch company is expanding! See you in
 Tennessee Spring 2022.

New porch Constructions in chicago, Repair & Violations

New Construction, Repairs & Violations

We handle everything from architect plans, applying for permits and handling final city inspections. With a record of passing on every first inspection! 

Power Wash Stain

Power Wash/Stain

It’s vital to clean your deck at least once a year thoroughly. Power washing the wood acts as a natural exfoliant and helps the protective sealers seep even deeper into the wood, which protects the deck – Join our yearly power wash & repair program!

Demolition Crew tearing down deck

Demolition Crew

Just need a little help with your project? We have a demo crew! We will handle everything that can go into demo – electrical disconnect, dumpster fees, removal of all materials. Easy estimate – just email over photo!


What is the best time of year to build a porch in Tennessee?

The best time of year to build a porch in Tennessee depends on the type of porch you are planning. Generally, porch construction is best done during temperate seasons such as late spring or early fall when daytime temperatures are mild and there is less chance of inclement weather.

What are some common porch building problems in Tennessee?

One of the most common porch building problems in Tennessee is improper drainage, which can lead to standing water and other moisture-related issues. This is especially true for screened porches that may not be built with a proper pitch or slope to allow for proper water runoff. Another common porch building issue in Tennessee includes settling or foundation shifting, which can cause porch columns and posts to become loose or unlevel, resulting in structural instability.

What are the most popular porch styles in Tennessee?

In Tennessee, the most popular porch styles are Colonial, Craftsman, and Farmhouse. Colonial porches feature a classic style with a single-story porch that typically features Ionic or Doric columns and railings as well as wood planking for the flooring.




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