Trex Decking Pricing Uncovered: What to Expect Financially

A cozy backyard deck at night illuminated with red string lights, featuring railing kits for deck, comfortable seating around a fire pit, and decorative plants adjacent to a brick house.-Trex Decking Cost

Trex decking, a popular choice for outdoor spaces, offers both aesthetic appeal and durability. This article delves into the various factors that influence the cost of Trex decking, offering insights for homeowners considering this option.

Cost Factors Influencing Trex Decking

The cost of Trex decking is influenced by several factors. The choice of material type, color, and the complexity of the deck design play significant roles in determining the overall expense.

Material Costs

The price for Trex decking materials fluctuates between $5 and $12 per square foot. This variation is primarily due to the type and color of the material chosen​​. For a comprehensive view, Trex’s website offers an online cost calculator tool to estimate project costs​​.

Installation Costs

Installation costs for Trex decking add an additional $5 to $15 per square foot. These costs can vary based on the project’s complexity and the installation service provider​​.

Total Project Costs

On average, the total cost for a Trex decking project, including installation and framing, ranges from $45 to $70 per square foot​​. For specific project sizes, a 12’x12′ Trex deck ranges from $6,500 to $10,000, while a larger 20’x20′ deck can cost between $18,000 and $28,000​​.


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Comparing Costs with Other Decking Options

When compared to natural wood decks, Trex decking generally presents a higher upfront cost. Natural wood decks, depending on the wood type, cost between $25 to $43 per square foot installed. However, more desirable woods like cedar, redwood, and ipe can have higher costs, potentially making Trex a cost-effective option, in the long run due to its durability and lower maintenance needs.

Maintenance and Durability: A Long-Term Perspective

One of the main benefits of Trex decking is its low maintenance. Unlike wood decks that need yearly cleaning and staining, Trex decks are hassle-free to maintain, leading to long-term savings and convenience.

When you think about the cost of Trex decking, it’s crucial to think about the long-term advantages and value that this top-notch material offers. Although the initial investment might be a bit higher than traditional wood decking, Trex’s durability, easy maintenance, and eco-friendly features make it a smart choice in the long haul. By grasping the different factors that affect the pricing, you can make a knowledgeable decision that matches your budget and desired result.

Remember, the cost may change based on your specific needs, so it’s always a good idea to talk to a professional contractor, or a Trex representative for an exact quote. So, don’t hesitate, build your dream outdoor area with Trex decking, and cherish years of beauty and relaxation!

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