Deck builder and designer serving the Chicago.
Services: Deck Building, Deck Repair, Deck Cleaning, Deck Violation Check, Deck Construction, Porch Design, Porch Repair

We specialize in back and front Porch violations given by the City of Chicago in Apartment Buildings, HOA’s, Condominiums and single family homes. We will beat any licensed Porch builder’s written quote.

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    Meet the Founder

    City Porches Inc is a Woman on company

    Our Services

    Porch Building/Repair

    Need a beautiful porch for your home or multi-story building? We will build you a porch that others can only dream of.

    Deck Building/Repair

    Whether you are looking for residential or commercial decks, CityPorches can turn your deck dreams into a reality.

    Power Washing/ Deck Cleaning

    Maintain both the appearance and longevity of your deck or porch with our power washing services.

    Code Violation Corrections Electrical, Tuck pointing and more...Our Specialty

    Got a violation? We will work you to make the necessary changes to make sure your deck/porch complies with the City of Chicago Codes.

    Architectural Drawings Permits

    If you are starting from scratch, We will handle all architectural drawings and will get you the necessary permits needed to begin work.

    City Porch Business License 2021

    Do you also need additional work with concrete and masonry to really take your porch/deck to the next level? Our team will take care of all that too. Certificate of Registration.

    License # TGC103679
    City porches company is licensed as Porches and Deck Repair on multi unit buildings fixing violations in Chicago working with  Inspectors. As a porch and deck violations repair contractor, we have a brick and mortar office at 3134 N. Western, Chicago, IL 60618. We don't work out of a house or garage like so many of the country, and you are welcome to visit our operation during business hours. We carry all of the city requirements and are certified Chicago porch, deck, stair builder and repair multi-unit building violations We here at city Porches pride ourselves in working in Chicago's greatest neighborhoods with diverse history, from Bronzeville, Woodlawn Andersonville to the many other areas Chicago land has to offer.
    Why you received the violation from the city inspector?
    Chicago porches are serious issues for city inspectors. On June 29, 2003, one of the deadliest porch collapses in United States history occurred in Chicago because an overloaded balcony collapsed the party in an apartment building, killing 13 people and seriously injuring 57 others. This accident resulted in sweeping inspections of similar structures across Chicago, with 1260 cases being actioned by the city authorities (2003) The process is still going strong in 2019. We handle all types of porch and to prepare
    It's the LAW
    It's the responsibility of property owners or managers to make sure that porches, decks, and balconies are structurally sound and up to code. The states premises liability act, 740 I LCS 130, "says that when a property owner or occupier is negligent in repairing the facts or warning people who come into the property about dangerous conditions, the owner or occupier may be liable for any reasonable foreseeable injuries that occur." If you are concerned about any code problems for your porch and deck and think you might need repair please give us a call at 773-231-8400. We offer a FREE INSPECTION with a detailed report and mark up the pictures with easy to read RED highlighter circles and arrows indicating some of the problems. We will email you this report which you can show the landlord, HOA, Architect etc...
    We are experts in building Chicago code compliant porches and decks
    Our specialty are violations on multi story porches and decks. We work on buildings with multiple residents, apartments, two units, six units and up.  It doesn’t matter if your porch or deck is 100 years old or newer we can repair or build a new one.  City of Chicago codes change constantly and are being adapted, changed or modified. If the City of Chicago inspector says it’s not in compliance, which it can feel check a free inspection within 24 hours. City porches call. Can build a repair a decks or porch according to the City of Chicago codes impairs an inspection. If needed we will go to your court hearing.

    Why Choose Us

    City Porches Co. is a certified porch, deck, and stair builder with the city of Chicago. We can build/repair a deck or porch according to Chicago codes and pass any inspection. License # TGC103679

    We have a brick and mortar office at 3134 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60618, we don’t work out of a house or garage like so many other contractors. You are welcome to visit our operation during business hours.

    So, what makes us the #1 porch and deck builders in Chicago?

    • Over 10 years of experience in porch and deck building
    • We value honesty and quality work over everything else
    • Our work will always meet municipal code requirements
    • We only use the highest quality material
    • Free estimates and consultations with a detailed report sent to your email.
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee
    • We use the highest quality green treated southern yellow pine.