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Chicago Porch Builders we Repair Deck and Porch Violations from Chicago City Inspectors Chicago porch and deck builders


City Porches Co. Policy: Every Chicago Porch and Deck is built and repaired with high quality all weather construction screws, all handrails and landings are routed with carbide bits.

City Porches Co.

License # TGC103679

City Porches Co. is Licensed as Chicago Porch and Deck Builders with the of City of Chicago, as a Porch and Deck violation repair Contractor.  We have a brick and mortar office 3134 N Western, Chicago IL 60618 we don’t work out of a house or garage like so many other contractors, and you are welcomed visit our operation during business hours. We carry all of the City’s requirements.and are a certified Chicago Porch, Deck, Stair builder and repair multi unit buildings violations.

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Our services include:

  • Free Safety Inspections.
  • Free estimates.
  • Architectural and Structural design.
  • Our Architects are self certified with Chicago.
  • Expediting a permit with a self certified architect.
  • Construction of commercial and residential porch systems. 
  • Balconies and Stairs.
  • Masonry violation corrections.
  • Custom Decks.
  • Rooftop decks.
  • Balconies and Stairs

Why you received a Violation from a City Inspector?

Chicago Porches are a serious issues for City inspectors. On June 29, 2003, one of the deadliest porch collapses in United States history occurred in Chicago because an overloaded balcony collapsed during a party in an apartment building, killing thirteen people and seriously injuring fifty-seven othersThis accident resulted in sweeping inspections of similar structures across Chicago, with 1,260 cases being actioned by the city authorities (2003) the process is still going strong in 2019. We handle all types of porch and deck repair.

It’s the LAW

It’s the responsibility of property owners or manager to make sure that porches, decks, and balconies are structurally sound and up to code. The state’s Premises Liability Act, 740 ILCS 130, says that when a property owner or occupier is negligent in repairing defects or warning people who come onto the property about dangerous conditions, the owner or occupier may be liable for any reasonably foreseeable injuries that occur. if you are concerned about any code problems for you porch and deck and think you might need repair please give us a call at 773-231-8400 


Our specialty are violations on multi-story Decks and Porches, buildings with multiple residents, Apartments, 2-Units, 6-Units… and up. It doesn’t matter if your porch or deck is 100 years old or newer we can repair or build a new one. Chicago codes change and are constantly being adapted,changed and modified.  If a Chicago Inspector says it’s not in compliance, we can field a free inspection within 24 hours. City Porches Co. can build or repair a deck or porch according to Chicago Codes and pass any inspection. If needed we will go to your court hearing.  

Give us a CALL.

Summer of course a great time to build, but if City inspectors says it’s unsafe, we can build a new one in the winter. So call us year-round, we can get you an estimate quickly as we know how urgent it is to have a working porch entrance. Also, we handle  details of Chicago Porch Violation code. Send us a picture it’s easy peasy. 773-231-8400

New Construction

New Construction is our speciality,


We provide old Porch repair including damage repair, material change at very affordable price.

Porch Violation

We deal with City of Chicago's Porch Violations correction while providing proper consultation and solutions.

Do you have a porch or deck violation?

So did the Porches and Decks Below

Rear Porches

Front Porches

Stairs Decks ETC...


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"City Porches team is quick to respond and provide services in the given time frame. I couldn't have asked for more than this. Best of luck for future projects"
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"Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! I am so pleased with City Porches services. I will refer everyone I know."
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In a hurry? Send us a few pictures From the face of the porch, up and down and all around from your phone and text to and within 24 hours we will send you a rough estimate. SNAP SHOT BID!

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